A Leadership Word for You - Patience!

04 May 2015 12:00 PM | Anonymous

What are the Top 5 leadership qualities you want in a leader? I bet Patience is not on the list. But, good leaders, if not great leaders, are patient. Intuitively, you know this is a true statement. Do you like impatient people? Ever worked for an impatient Supervisor? They are very frustrating. Think about it. If you or a business is impatient here is a list of negative consequences that happen as a result of impatience.


1. Business strategies are executed too soon.

2. Goals, ideas, and strategies are not thoroughly scrubbed, discussed, and analyzed deep enough.

3. Leaders become ineffective listeners and have trouble receiving constructive criticism.

4. Decisions are made too quickly and in silos without vetting them with a team.


End result = Companies and teams fail.


An Inc. Magazine article, Leadership: Power of Patience said this, “The business graveyard is filled with companies that didn't properly exercise patience. Expectations were out of line and leaders did too much, too soon. WebVan, a grocery delivery service in the 90s, moved too quickly to expand, and took on infrastructure and overhead at lightning speed.  The company ultimately collapsed under that weight. Last year, Netflix hastily announced the creation of a separate Qwikster DVD-by-mail service and lost 800,000 subscribers before it was even created.”


Ever heard the saying, “Slow and steady wins the race”? There is a prevailing idea that the business world moves at light speed. If a leader or company doesn’t keep pace with technology, advancements in science, or the financial market, they could be swallowed or run over. But is that really true?


Take today, your schedule, your life’s ambitions, your company’s goals/strategic plan and be patient. The extra time given to effective business analysis, critical and creative thinking, plus some good constructive criticism will lead your team or company to success. Don’t get impatient with the process. The process is exactly what you need to be successful. It creates patience.

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