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    Ms. Shellie Mitchell is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of OASYS, INC., a Big Data, Data Analytics, and Software Engineering company based in Huntsville, AL.  Ms. Mitchell manages all facets of operations, employee development, business development, and customer support.  She provides OASYS, INC. with the financial and strategic leadership critical to building value, accelerating revenues and earnings, and strengthening operations in an increasingly competitive environment.

    Prior to joining OASYS, INC., Ms. Mitchell has held many technical leadership positions including Deputy Program Manager, Test Management Engineer, and Product Assurance Manager for both large and small defense contractors in Huntsville.  During her career, she has also supported a wide variety of Government customers including the AMCOM Logistics Center (ALC), US Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), PEO Aviation, Future Combat Systems (FCS), Department of the Army Simulation Training and Instrumentation Command (STRICOM), the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), and Air-to-Ground Missile Systems (AGMS) Project Office.  She has over 21 years of experience providing subject matter expertise and leading teams with respect to Software Development Program Planning, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Information Assurance, Risk Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, and Cost Estimating.

    Ms. Mitchell is a dedicated professional who began her career in defense contracting after completing a MSBA in Economics from Mississippi State University.  She also has a Bachelors of Business Administration in Economics from Mississippi State University.

    Ms. Mitchell founded Friends of 400 Foundation in August 2014 as a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to addressing the physical, spiritual, emotional and relational poverty experienced by at-risk youth from low income, primarily single parent families in Huntsville, Alabama.  She leads a team of volunteers that works with approximately 50 children weekly, as well as organizes an annual school supply drive and Christmas gifts for the community. Ms. Mitchell has also organized the distribution of backpacks containing school supplies to over 350 children to ensure the children have the necessary tools for school success. Additionally, the volunteers acquired and wrapped over 1600 presents and distributed them to over 400 at-risk children living in the public housing neighborhoods of inner-city Huntsville

    FRIENDS OF 400

    “The goal of Friends of 400 is to address the physical, spiritual, emotional and relational poverty experienced by at-risk youth from low income, primarily single parent families, in Huntsville, Alabama.”       

    Through Christmas presents and school supplies programs (which help about 400 children each year), Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girls Night, Friends builds relationships with these children and their families. While the focus is typically children living in public housing, the relationships built have proven to be lasting friendships even as families move out and transition into other living arrangements.

    Friends has only been around for about 3 years but several of the volunteers have been working with the Cub Scouts and kids in these neighborhoods for almost 15-20 years.  These volunteers have walked through all aspects of life with these families - births, deaths, birthdays, graduations, watching football games, and attending class programs. They’ve laughed and cried together, celebrated triumphs and mourned losses. Many of the parents of those served even help volunteer with Friends as much as their schedule can allow. This organization is invested in our community in a way that is often hard to describe – the lives of those who volunteer and the lives of those who are served are completely intertwined.

    Friends also works to expose kids to things outside of their day to day. The goal is to show them opportunities beyond what they know to seek. For example, they spend time building rockets and exploring jobs in engineering or they might use foam blocks and planks to build “houses” and talk through construction and contracting work. Friends even takes the kids on visits to fire stations, farms, and museums.  Volunteers regularly discuss the importance of school and Friends provides incentives for good grades and school involvement.  Additionally, Friends operates a community center in the Searcy Housing Community to provide the children a safe, supervised place to gather after school and help with homework.   The relationships and exposure are intended to give the children a high target to aim for while the volunteers come alongside the families to help them reach their dreams.

    Your help providing volunteers and resources to enable the work Friends does is essential.  Please join us as we continue our partnership with this important and necessary ministry in our town!

    Ways to help:

    You can register and pay the usual Luncheon fee, which will be donated to Friends of 400 OR you can register under "EVERYONE" and donate a gift as listed below. 

    “Dollars for Grades” is an incentive program set up to promote academic excellence among the scouts of Scouting 400 and the Girls Night Out Program (GNO). The Unit Leader will recommend the appropriate rewards for the scouts of their unit and GNO. Incentive structure will be approved by the Pack Committee and the Friends of 400 Committee.

    “A” grade or equivalent à $5 (11yrs or older) $2.50 for Cub Scouts and GNOP members under 11.

    “B” grade or equivalent à $3 (11yrs or older) $1.50 for Cub Scouts and GNOP members under 11.

    2 or more “letter” grade improvement in 1 class à additional $10 per class (11yrs or older) $5.00 for Cub Scouts and GNOP members under 11.

    “A” grade or equivalent in all classes à additional $40 on the report card (11yrs or older) $20.00 for Cub Scouts and GNOP members under 11.

    Regarding toys, the following are super popular with the kids:

    1.  baby doll or Barbie doll (and accessories, doll stroller, doll bed, etc)

    2.  remote control car

    3.  basketball or football

    4.  soft throws for kids and teenage girls

    5.  perfumed lotions

    6.  Lego sets

    7.  scooter

    8.  board games

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