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    • 21 Aug 2018
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Redstone Federal Credit Union 220 Wynn Drive Huntsville

    Speaker: Joe Stuart



    Managing the Training Function: 

    Manage Your Training Department To Add Value Everyday

    Presentation Outline:

    1. The purpose of your training function is to train.
    2. Staffing your training function to meet the mission.
    3. Adding value to the organization’s mission.
    4. Marketing training to increase throughput.
    5. Reporting success to perpetuate training.
    This presentation addresses the ATD Competency "Managing Learning Programs."

    About the speaker:

    Mr. Stuart completed a career in the US Air Force serving as a weapons, missiles and explosives specialist, as well as the last five years as an educator.  His last two military assignments were as the Director of the Student Operations Division at the USAF Senior NCO Academy and as the Chief Enlisted Manager at the Academic Instructor School, teaching Air Force members “how to teach” at Maxwell Air Force Base, AL. 

    After retiring from the Air Force and working as a college administrator for a semester, he joined the Academic Instructor School staff in a civil service position as the Associate Dean of Education, then as Chairman of the Evaluation Department.  While at the Academic Instructor School, he was selected to be the first civilian educator and Director of Curriculum at the USAF Special Operations School at Hurlburt Field FL.  

    After the events of 9/11/2001, the United States Special Operations Command created a new organization, the Joint Special Operations University.  Mr. Stuart was named Dean at the newly created University where he served until he retired from civil service to join the Booz Allen Hamilton company in Huntsville as the Learning Team lead.  He recently completed 2 years at LG Electronics as the Senior Manager of the LG Training Center where he was named People Manager of the Year.  He has led the Objective Simulation Framework Modeling and Simulation Training Team at nLogic/Team Teledyne for the last 4 years.  

    He has completed 8 college degrees including an A.A. in Instructional Technology, an M.S. in Adult Education. an Ed.S. in Education Administration and a Ph.D. in Education Supervision.  

    He has been a member of ASTD since 1988 and was the co-founder of the Montgomery Chapter in 1991.  He is a member of both ATD National and the North Alabama Chapter.  He recently completed 2 years as the Program Chair of the North Alabama Chapter and is currently serving the chapter as the Director at Large.  

    In addition to his full time corporate management position, he manages two small business, STEEDS (Stuart Training Education and Employee Development System) offering pro bono talent development and organizational support ( and JoeDirt LLC, his occasional tractor work business (





    • 18 Sep 2018
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Redstone Federal Credit Union Atrium Huntsville, Al


    Speaker: John Bentley, Workforce Development Specialist



    After receiving shocking feedback that his leadership style was similar to opening a shook coke can, John began a journey to understand what caused him to spew all over people. The discoveries he made were not easy to accept but he possessed the desire to learn and willingness to overcome limiting beliefs that caused him to destroy trust and derail high performance.

    Less than four years later while serving in the Air Force, John was awarded the prestigious Lance P. Sijan Leadership Award from the Air Education and Training Command.  Recognizing how the encouragement and support of others played an integral part in this achievement, John became a self-proclaimed student of self-leadership. He is living proof that you can learn to lead yourself so you earn the right to lead others.

    John retired from the Air Force after a distinguished 21-year career. During this time, he developed and led several high performing teams across five continents.  His last assignment was facilitating leadership, management and communication skills to the Department of Defense and allied nation senior enlisted leaders.

    For the past 15 years, John has worked with the U.S Army leading workforce development teams and creating leadership programs to improve individual, team and organizational performance. He is the contributing author along with Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield and Stephen Covey to the book ‘Speaking of Success’. John has written several articles including ‘Team Innovation: A Necessity for Today’s Business Environment’ published ATD.

    Session Description:

    Wherever you want to lead - in your organization, your community, or your family - you have to have clear beliefs about how to motivate and engage yourself and others. To do so, requires you to understand your attitudes, your values, and what drives you - especially your behavior. Because your behavior over time influences your relationships with others, it is important they understand where you are coming from, what they can expect from you, and what you expect from them in return. Incorporating these into an authentic leadership point of view will enable you to communicate better and establish greater trust with those you work and live with

    During this interactive thought-provoking session you will:

    • Determine the outcome of a having a clear, teachable leadership point of view.
    • Examine the personal benefits of clarifying your leadership point of view.
    • Identify and practice the steps for developing your leadership point of view.
    • 25 Oct 2018
    • 5:30 AM - 8:00 PM
    • Best Western Plus 9035 Madison Blvd

    Kevin R. McNulty is an international speaker/trainer, author and coach with a simple goal of helping people improve their personal and professional lives and effectiveness.  Often referred to as “the conversationalist,” Kevin carries out this goal using a rather unique style of speaking and teaching; by facilitating meaningful conversations with the audience…tapping into and drawing out their often-untapped knowledge and wisdom.  More, Kevin uses visual teaching models to help audiences visualize and experience the idea he is teaching.  Kevin is the author of several visual teaching models.


    But, it’s not just “style” . . . Kevin also brings real depth and insight to his programs.  Starting at a very young age, Kevin has spent his life living and working among the many cultures of the United States and the world.  With studious eyes and mind, Kevin has studied how people live, work, and interact with each other in their situations and surroundings.  More, some 30 years ago Kevin also began intensely studying personal and professional development—both formally and informally.  These tandem events are what uniquely positions him to help others learn, grow, change, and succeed. 


    ​​Kevin is also an accomplished professional with a diverse and interesting background . . . including a 20-year Air Force career in human relations education; as a coach and facilitator with the Franklin-Covey Leadership Center; he served in a diplomatic capacity at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel; and for the last 17 years as a full-time speaker, personal development & soft-skills coach/consultant; and he is the founder of Humadyn-Life Skills Institute


    While Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Communications (Leadership and Influence), he believes his real education, insight and hard-learned wisdom comes from his own extra-ordinary life journey and experiences. He’s acquired a broad and unique perspective, in part, having lived, traveled and/or worked in 49 States and 25 countries. 

    Kevin is the author of The Gap Between Two Worlds...Turning Difficult Life Transitions Into Personal Growth Experiences—a book that helps people navigate the challenges of personal change and transition. 


    We’ve all heard about the various ways people learn and methods used to help people learn.  In this session you will learn about visual instructional models and storytelling.  These methodologies combine several teaching approaches and have the effect of helping audiences immerse themselves into concepts and ideas. You will learn:

    • What are visual instructional models and why they work.
    • How to use them to enhance your training approach.
    • How to develop your own model.

    • 13 Nov 2018
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Redstone Federal Credit Union Atrium 220 Wynn Drive

     Kim Ruyle is President of Inventive Talent Consulting, a Florida-based firm that provides strategic talent management and organizational development consulting for leading global organizations.  He is an Associate in Korn Ferry’s Global Network.  Kim has thirty years of experience in human resources, organizational development, and general management.  Kim has presented at more than 100 national and international conferences, published dozens of articles and book chapters, served on numerous expert panels and editorial boards, and authored or co-authored five books on talent management and leadership development.  Kim’s academic credentials include three master’s degrees and a PhD and an Executive Certificate in Applied NeuroLeadership from the NeuroLeadership Institute and Pepperdine University.  Kim’s book, Lessons from a CEO’s Journal, was published in 2014, and his latest book on neuroscience applications in talent management is being published in 2018 


    The ability to make accurate predictions about talent is a key skill for HR professionals.  Who should we hire?  Promote?  Who needs aggressive development?  Who will derail?  But people are complex – they will always delight us or disappoint us.  This session explores the science of predicting potential, the neuroscience of personality, methods to mitigate implicit bias, and insights that will enhance your selection, development, and retention of high potential talent.  




     1) Identify research-based predictors of leadership potential;

     2) Explain the role of personality in potential and methods for assessing;

     3) Describe methods for mitigating implicit bias in talent selection 

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