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    • 18 Jul 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Redstone Federal Credit Union ATRIUM Wynn Drive Huntsville, Al


    Speaker: Anita Kirkman  

    Professional Development Coach, Trainer, Speaker

    Founder of the Step Up and Step Out Success Movement for Women

    President and CEO, Vision in Purpose Coaching and Training



    Anita P. Kirkman, is the founder and CEO of Vision in Purpose (VIP) Coaching and Training and the founder of the Step Up, Step Out Success Movement for Women who want to stop playing small and step into their God-given mission with purpose and power.  Anita is an inspiring and dedicated, certified life/business success coach, Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, a trainer and a speaker.  She has been seen in major media such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, as well as featured on several internet and local talk radio/ TV shows. Anita is a proven leader with 27+ years experience from an impressive array of business sectors, including engineering, government, financial services and sales.  She is also a former director and trainer for the well-known international coaching school, IPEC Coaching.  She started a location of IPEC in Hawaii and helped certify several students in the core energy coaching program.  Anita empowers overwhelmed, frustrated and tired professional and business women to own their value with rock solid confidence by transforming their core beliefs which directly affects their success. Through her passionate coaching, training and speaking, combined with her unique ability to inspire, clients have experienced tremendous business growth, financial control, more freedom, increased self-awareness, and they’ve overcome known and hidden challenges to attain and sustain their desired goals.





    Coaching is key to helping employees reach their full potential while impacting overall performance of the organization. 

    During this presentation you will

    • ·         Know how to differentiate coaching from other development processes
    • ·         Understand the benefits of utilizing coaching in your workplace

    Learn the #1 tool most successful coaches use to facilitate change

    • 08 Aug 2017
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Best Western 9035 Madison Blvd. Madison, AL

    Speaker: Jennifer Way


    Jennifer Way is a national speaker, author, and consultant that connects attracting and growing top talent with personal career management.


    She is the founder of Way Solutions, a consulting firm that serves companies and individuals with specific retention and career strategies. Sample corporate clients include Disney, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Nissan, Honda, PNC Bank, Dr. Pepper, and many more.


    She’s inspired by her clients who create greater work happiness for themselves and others, but she’s most proud of her individual clients who have reframed the value they bring to their organization to negotiate promotions, salary increases, and greater visibility and rewards for themselves.

    Jennifer frequently speaks, blogs, and consults on behalf of CareerBuilder. She authored several of their learning series curriculums and often facilitates workshops on their behalf.


    Prior to her current company, she served as a Director of Recruiting for march FIRST, National Recruiting Project Manager for KPMG, and led field recruiting for Dollar General Corporation.

    • 15 Aug 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Redstone Federal Credit Union ATRIUM Wynn Drive Huntsville, AL



    Speaker: John Bentley, Workforce Development Specialist



    After receiving shocking feedback that his leadership style was similar to opening a shook coke can, John began a journey to understand what caused him to spew all over people. The discoveries he made were not easy to accept but he possessed the desire to learn and willingness to overcome limiting beliefs that caused him to destroy trust and derail high performance.

    Less than four years later while serving in the Air Force, John was awarded the prestigious Lance P. Sijan Leadership Award from the Air Education and Training Command.  Recognizing how the encouragement and support of others played an integral part in this achievement, John became a self-proclaimed student of self-leadership. He is living proof that you can learn to lead yourself so you earn the right to lead others.

    John retired from the Air Force after a distinguished 21-year career. During this time, he developed and led several high performing teams across five continents.  His last assignment was facilitating leadership, management and communication skills to the Department of Defense and allied nation senior enlisted leaders.

    For the past 14 years, John has worked with the U.S Army leading workforce development teams and creating leadership programs to improve individual, team and organizational performance.



    Change is inevitable; how we respond to it is a choice. 

    To succeed then requires people impacted by the change to understand the external drivers causing the disruption. Just as important is to equip those affected with the ability to manage their internal feelings of loss and confusion that accompany the change.

    Unfortunately, most people struggle with change. They either dig in and fight against it or give in and haphazardly support the new way of doing business.

    The big question is – how do we manage change while helping employees transition effectively? What simple strategies exist when it comes to an experience that can be so difficult to handle? And why is change so difficult to begin with? This program will answer all those questions and more.


    Participants will learn to:

    •  Explore how perspectives impact their ability to deal effectively with external change and the internal chaos it creates.
    •  Recognize the need to work effectively during change, rather than focusing on trying to just make it stop.
    • Expand the range of situations in which they can effectively function during change


    • 19 Sep 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Redstone Federal Credit Union ATRIUM Wynn Drive Huntsville, AL

    Speaker: Kathy Neyman, AVP of Organizational Culture and Leader Development, Redstone Federal Credit Union


    Kathy moved to Huntsville, Alabama in 1976 with her husband, Steve.  After spending a few years in the retail environment, Kathy found her career with Redstone Federal Credit Union in 1983 where she is still employed.
    During Kathy’s long-standing career of 34 years with RFCU, she spent the majority of those years in Organizational and Leadership Development and currently serves as the                           Sr. Assistant Vice President of Culture and Leadership Development. 

    Kathy holds multiple designations, among which are: Master Coach with the Behavioral Coaching Institute, Strengths Performance Coach for Gallup University, and a Triple Master Facilitator and Accountability Consultant with Partners In Leadership.

    Kathy is passionate about helping others be the best that they can possibly be, both at Redstone Federal and in the community.  One can often hear Kathy remark, “I have found my dream job…one where I can really make a difference for our employees, our members and our community!”
    In addition to her role as a professional, Kathy is actively involved in the community and has served on multiple Advisory Boards and Committees, including the American Red Cross, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and N.A. Character Foundation.   She is an active member of The Harbour, United Methodist Church.

    Kathy’s personal mantra…strive every day to be Better Today Than Yesterday!  And her favorite quote is by Brian Tracy: “Aspire Greatly; for anything less than Excellence becomes an acceptance of mediocrity.”



    Topic objectives:


    • understand the impact of corporate culture
    • Learn the 4 basic components of high performing culture
    • Identify your corporate culture "type" 
    • 17 Oct 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Redstone Federal Credit Union ATRIUM Wynn Drive Huntsville, AL



    Speaker: Lane Fabby, UAH Professional Development Solutions


    More Information to come

    • 14 Nov 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Redstone Federal Credit Union ATRIUM Wynn Drive Huntsville, AL



    Speaker: Dr. Bruce Pieper -  Emerge 2 Lead Consulting

    Doctorate in Organizational Leadership - Nova Southeastern University

    Master of Business Administration - Nova Southeastern University

    Bachelor of Science - Baptist Bible College


    Dr. Bruce Pieper currently serves as an Organization Development Specialist with the ASRI/Aetos Team supporting the Office of Human Capital (OHC) at Marshall Space Flight Center. Prior to coming to NASA, Bruce consulted with those in government, manufacturing, education, churches, nonprofits, service and healthcare environments.


    Bruce specializes in Organization Development, Leadership Development, DiSC Personality Assessments, Emotional Intelligence, Training , Coaching, Team Building, Employee Development, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Training Design, Development of Customized Training, Facilitation, Public Speaking, and Assessments


    Adept at consulting, training and coaching, many find his enthusiasm contagious. With acute insight into people and organizations, Bruce is able to address issues that may be impeding individual, team and organizational performance. His engaging style of communication makes him a popular choice by professional associations, private organizations and the public sector for conferences, retreats, and keynote speaking. 


    Dr. Pieper will discuss that you are your best Self Development Coach! So.....

    - Who Coaches Who

    - Who's Coaching You

    - What Coaches Do

    * Dr. Pieper believes you own your Self Development and growth. Nobody is going to do it for you, you have to do it for yourself. 

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